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Consider the Source

Episode 004, June, 2020

Consider the Source is a three piece band from Brooklyn, NY who describes their sound as sci-fi, Middle Eastern, fusion.

Episode 004 features three tunes and an interview with Consider the Source.

The program is a special joint production of Manifold Recording and Circle City Recording in Pittsboro, NC.

Recording took place over two days, October 27 and December 29, 2019. The first day of tracking was in the Miraverse at Manifold where the band laid down the three new tracks.

In December, when the band’s tour brought them back to North Carolina, we were lucky to grab some more of their time to record an interview at Circle City Recording.

The program features high quality video and audio.

We will be releasing individual tracks and the piece as a whole.


Recorded live at Manifold Recording and Circle City Recording on October 28 and December 29, 2019.

Executive Producer and Host: David Dean, Marketing Director, Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance

Producers: Michael Tiemann and John Delaforce

Manifold Recording Audio Engineer: Ian Schreier

Manifold Recording Videographers: Michael Tiemann and Andres Garreaud

Circle City Recording Audio Engineer: John Delaforce

Circle City Recording Videographer: Luke McMahon

Photos: 8 Bit Photography, Dalvin Nichols

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